About the center

Moldabaev Sarkytbek Sarsembaevich,

Doctor of Law, Professor

For many years, he worked in law enforcement and justice agencies, was a judge of the Taldykorgan Regional Court and the Almaty Regional Court, chairman of the Almaly District Court of Almaty, chairman of the criminal board of the Military Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, director of the Institute of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Yeskareva, a responsible employee of the presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, head of the financial police Academy of Kazakhstan. Currently on well-deserved rest, he conducts research and teaching activities in the branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Almaty region.

Welcome to the website of the Center for Sustainable Development «OCHAQ»!

Kazakhstan, as a country that has committed itself to the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN program until 2030, has actively begun to work in all areas. However, as foreign experience shows, the world has marked a transition from a common vision of sustainable development of society to the sustainable development of individual territories. In this regard, we believe that special attention should be paid to the aul, where poverty, high migration, and the degradation of natural complexes have become worse with the growing globalization of the world economy. And these accumulated problems of the village should be considered and solved within the framework of the UN Global Agenda for Sustainable Development in each individual territory of the rural district. To solve the problems of rural areas and agriculture in the Zharlyozek rural district of the Koksu district of Almaty region, the local community created the Public Association Center for Sustainable Development "OCHAQ". The purpose of the Center for Sustainable Development "OCHAQ" is: to create a permanent platform for ensuring the implementation of sustainable development in the village in order to solve environmental, economic and social problems, as well as to promote the development of local public self-government and the implementation of initiatives of residents in solving local issues, as well as to assist public, private and public organizations by combining the intellectual, financial and technical efforts of citizens, as well as domestic and foreign partners. The UN Global Agenda for Sustainable Development for the period up to 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a timely and necessary tool to help solve the environmental, economic and social problems of rural areas of Almaty region. The great Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved through cooperation and global partnerships between different actors and in a wide range of areas. We invite all interested parties to cooperate in the implementation of the UN Program on Sustainable Development until 2030, which specifies the 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

President of the NGO "Center for Sustainable Development "OCHAQ»,

doctor of law,

Professor Moldabaev Sarkytbek Sarsembaevich,